The Smart Solution

Everything you need to improve the productivity and profitability of your recruitment business

Our business is founded on the principle that ‘People are the Solution’. Self Recruitment is an holistic workforce management solution, which enables productivity gains through the application of digital tools and smart technology.  We offer customers full flexibility to choose the solutions they want from our four service areas:
We offer customers full flexibility to choose the solutions they want from our four service areas:
01. The Worker
02. Onboarding
03. Workflow
04. Payroll
1. The Worker
The most important part
Send job post directly to available worker matching your requirements. No more time and money wasted contacting unavailable workers.
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2. Onboarding
It's never been so easy
Whether you are transferring workers internally or preparing for a new recruit, SiteCircle will save you time, give your new recruits a great first impression and store key documents all in one place
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3. WorkFlow
Always be in the loop
Self Recruitment improves workflows and productivity using assignments and time tracking technology. Always know who is on site and the time they arrived.
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4. Payroll
It takes just on click
Having a large workforce can lead to lots of admin. Not with Self Recruitment! Choose to use our payroll solution and everything is managed digitally saving you hours every week processing timesheets and wages.
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The Value

Knowing your workforce has completed the site H&S requirements, leaving a digital signature they have understood these requirements,gives you peace of mind like never before.
Improve the productivity of your managers and workforce with our many time saving features. Our Workflow solutions can help to improve your workforce productivity by up to 50% transforming your company’s financial returns.
Our online registration tools remove the need for you to carry out the normal, manual, ID and skill checks. Be confident you have the right people working for you.
Our pricing model is transparent and flexible to meet the needs and scale of your business.We are redefining traditional processes and business models to bring you incredible value.
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