The solution
Pre start checks
It's important to know you have the right people working for you, and on your site.
Automatic Identity verification
We use bio-metric technology, used by banks, to verify a persons identity. A scan of the persons ID document is taken in seconds, cross referenced with a database and then matched to the persons face, using facial recognition software built into the app.
Eligibility to work
We check the worker is legally allowed to work in the UK using there National insurance number and UTR number.
the personal touch
Every workers profile contains the information you need to be confident you have the right people on site. The worker profile removes your need to hold any paper copies of personal data. No more time wasted completing new starter forms every time a new worker starts.
Skills & Experience
Be confident your have the right people working for you.
THE Skill check
We automatically check the skills and qualifications of each worker using APIs from the CITB and other construction training bodies. It's important to know you have the right skilled people delivering your project.
The worker profile contains all the information you need to make the right choice.
Check the past
We request references from the workers past 3 employers. This gives you a true overview of what they are really like, as a person and as an employee.

At the end of every contract created through the platform a review is also left for future employers to see.
inductions and rams
Speed up the on boarding process with online inductions and RAMs
THE assignment
The worker assignment contains all the important site information a new starter needs before they attend site. They simply follow the onscreen steps to complete the tasks set out by the individual company.
Each worker can complete any induction online before they get to site. This removes the current long, manual process the industry uses, saving thousands of hours across the life of a project.
Health and safety documentation is the most important element during the on boarding process. These documents are read and signed through the workers app and a digital copy kept for the worker to access at any time.
Bluetooth tech
The safest, most accurate, way to track time attendance.
The tech
Beacons are small radio transmitters that can be understood by nearby smartphones and tablets. They come in multiple shapes and sizes. They work on standalone battery and have a life span of 4 years.
Bluetooth vs gps
The most important thing in today's world is people privacy. Using Bluetooth technology means we can only track a workers movements on site. Using GPS would breach a workers rights as we could then track them off site.
Engagement Analytics
Run reports on hours worked and cost per company, site and worker. This allows you to bill customer the right amount with no argument.
timesheets and payments
Automatic time stamp and one click approval
Time management
Manage your entire workforce from one place. The automatic clock in/out systems gives you real time data, that can be viewed from any location, of the workers on site.
We've made timesheets simple. The clock in/out times are automatically stamped onto each workers timesheet for quick and easy assessment of hours worked. Timesheets are then approved with one click.
Like everything on Site Circle you decide the next step. You can pay the worker direct or use the payroll services we offer. To do this, just tick the box.
Stop dreaming about the money you could save. Make it reality.